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The National Council on Educating Black Children (NCEBC) is a premier non-profit and civil rights organization with a distinguished focus on improving educational opportunities and outcomes for African American children. By galvanizing “coalitions of the willing”, NCEBC is aggressively implementing solutions that elevate communities by empowering stakeholders who are ready to “take responsibility” for their villages.

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The mission of the National Council on Educating Black Children is to reinstate academic rigor and relevant teaching, improve the assessment of such instruction, and prepare the African-American learner for effective participation in a competitive global society.


We envision a time when our society values all children and presents them with equal opportunities that emanate from a useful education and strong family values.

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Join us for our 60-minute program around timely topics, education policy, and grassroots strategies that will help education community leaders increase their understanding and potential for widespread success in a globally collaborative education community.

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The National Council on Educating Black Children provides a stakeholder model to improve student achievement through advocacy, action plans and programs. We have been successful in carrying out our mission due to individual and corporate membership from supporters like you. On behalf of NCEBC, thank you for becoming (and maintaining) your active membership.

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Our primary goal remains to improve the assessment, the academic rigor, and relevant instruction for the African American learner; to empower their effective participation in a globally collaborative (and competitive) society.

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