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NCEBC Launches NASA Ignite!™ Program in Indiana Public School District

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The National Council on Educating Black Children is pleased to announce its participation in the NASA Ignite!™ program in partnership with MSD Lawrence Township and the Indiana Department of Education.  This FREE extended-day science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) program will target 7th and 8th grade students attending Fall Creek Valley and Belzer Middle Schools.  Scheduled to begin on September 26, 2011, the program will operate Tuesday-Thursday from 3:45 – 5:30 p.m. throughout the academic school year.


About NASA Ignite!™

  • NASA Ignite!™ is Indiana’s plan for bringing quality, hands-on NASA activities and professional development to formal and informal education.  Ignite!™ is the result of a dynamic partnership between public and private entities and is committed to delivering quality NASA programming to middle school students in the state of Indiana.
  • NASA Ignite!™ is a four-year project developed to provide students in grades 4-9 with summer and afterschool programs focusing on science, technology, engineering, and math content (STEM).
  • With the integration of a hands-on NASA curriculum, space-themed video games, and an e-mentoring program, NASA Ignite!™
    aims to engage students in STEM by exposing them to relevant content, career paths and space exploration.  Curriculum, teacher’s manual, instructional guides and classroom materials are provided.
  • In partnership with NASA, Ignite will also help to support teachers and educators through the offer of professional development, which can provide both an improvement in afterschool education skills, as well as help to link NASA gaming back to the formal
  • This project is led by Indiana Afterschool Network, in partnership with Indiana Department of Education, the Indiana Mentoring Partnership, WisdomTools Enterprises Inc, and other regional and statewide collaborators. 

Student Participants

Targeting under-represented populations in the STEM fields (African American, Latino, and Female students in particular)

  • Must be recommended by Math or Science Teacher
  • Must possess basic understanding of 6th grade-level math and science principals
  • Enjoys participating in innovative, engaging, hands-on learning experiences
  • Willingness to think “outside” the box and try new things
  • Must have parent approval
  • Willing to commit to 3 days per week

For more information, please contact NCEBC at or 317-283-9081


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NCEBC is hosting a VIRTUAL Book Fair in partnership with Barnes and Noble. 





From ANY computer —  until Saturday, May 7, 2011 — your online purchase from Barnes and Noble Booksellers  using our customer code: 10480036 will reap at least a 10% return to the communities served by NCEBC.

Thank you for your support!

The College Board: Premier Sponsor of NCEBC

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For Full Press Release, Click Here

Helping Parents Help Children Make Good Choices (November 2010)

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For more information on the NCEBC “Good Choices” Campaign or to download a copy of this and previous “Good Choices” newsletters, see the Parent Involvement page.

2011 NCEBC Convention Brochure

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Download the Brochure

Indiana Council Taskforce Leader, Dr. Jo Russell, “works to promote learning for local black males”

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Newsmaker: Jo Russell | Woman works to promote learning for local black males

By Dale Moss • • October 3, 2010

Jo Russell did not want her age published. Readers could fixate on it, she guessed. They might miss her plea. They might not help her try to improve education for African-American males.

In New Albany and in Jeffersonville, like most everywhere, too many of these boys and young men get too little from school. But they’re more likely to succeed in life, of course, if they succeed in the classroom.

“If we don’t start now,” said Russell, “it’s just going to be hopeless.”

Russell, of New Albany, leads a local push encouraged by the National Council on Educating Black Children. More than a dozen such grass-roots efforts have taken hold in Indiana, likewise built on a broad base of people confronting the problem.

Read the entire article here

Helping Parents Help Children Make Good Choices (October 2010)

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For more information on the NCEBC “Good Choices” Campaign or to download a copy of this and previous “Good Choices” newsletters, see the Parent Involvement page.

It’s Time to Get Involved

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The 2010 Membership Drive Is Underway

Download the NCEBC Membership Packet  or Click Here to Join Now


SAVE THE DATE — NCEBC 2011 Convention

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Dr. Donald Clark on the NCEBC

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The NCEBC was founded by the late Congressman, The Honorable Augustus F. Hawkins; whose founding expression was that “black children are the proxy for what ails American education in general.”  In 1986, Congressman Hawkins convened more than 40 organizations and individuals to meet and prepare a blueprint for action that integrated a stakeholder/village solution model.

Civil-rights organizations, the National Education Association (NEA), the American Federation of Teachers (AFT), University Activists, Strategists, Parents, Superintendents, Researchers, Ministers, and business organizations came to mobilize a “solution” blueprint. The founding educational premises were anchored in the ideas and work of the late Dr. Ronald Edmonds, research founder of the effective school principle: “We can, whenever and wherever we choose, successfully teach all children whose schooling is of interest to us…”Our action principles, as offered by Dr. Asa G. Hilliard, in the quest to be successful in the education of our children represent acute problems. “How do we gain sufficient influence and leverage to change the course for our children?” “How can research and evaluation be used to change our trajectory, re-frame the problem and guide us to valid solutions?”

I have posed these expressive principles to clarify the interest, focus and actions defined by our Founder, expressed by our organization’s architects, confirmed by our Board of Directors and embedded in the work of our national training conferences and our mentoring units.  We are educationally defined and community activated in our conduct.  We look inform those who have the task of moving education practice ahead in the spirit and intent of our original legislation (ESEA 89-10).

Collaboration is our effort — be it with Federal, State, or local policy designers — to find the way to respect and reveal the potential in our children.